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Correctly dedicated grippers and materials we use ensure the possibility of contact with food, a reliable grip and the possibility of leaving no traces on the surface on which the gripper actuator worked.
Such features have been an undoubted advantage for the food, pharmaceutical and many other industries where, with traditional handling, there is a possibility of product contamination or contamination 

Robotic Vision

A light industrial robotic arm with “eyes” can do more precise work because it can “see” what it’s doing. The robot wrist carries the laser and camera array that gives the machine instant feedback. Robots can now perform proper offsetting when installing a part, because they know where it goes. Installation of door panels, windshields, and fenders are more accurate with robotic vision than regular robot arms.

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Cobots- Cooperative robots

The pick and place cobots are usually articulated robots with additional sensors and modified software. This design allows for safe interaction with the environment and work, without additional security systems in close proximity to people. Programming such a robot is also simplified at least in basic applications. The arrangement of buttons on the robot's bunch or an additional remote control allows programming of arm movement by dragging the head from point to point. Grippers in such constructions have similar systems, allowing for quick programming of the head operation at a given point. Cobot will work, among other things, where we have to carry out, a complicated assembly procedure from the point of view of repeatability and movement. Similarly monotonous processes, in which, however, the presence of an employee at certain stages is indispensable. Cobots, however, have some limitations from the point of view of the safety of working with people. According to the standards, the size and sometimes also the shape of the object may be a limitation, directly affecting the permissible dynamics of work, so that no serious collision or injury occurs in contact with the human body.

Pick-based applications based on industrial robots are are also not just stationary systems. Mobile robots can be placed on movable vehicles to carry out tasks or on the conveyor systems as well as machines for unloading and loading details.

Modern autonomous systems, supply with built-in energy sources carry out the processes of packetization, product completion, and then transpose complete details between successive production or processing sockets.

The mobile robots themselves in the form of mobile trolleys are used as warehouse trolleys, systems for supplying components to production stations or systems for transporting parts between CNC sockets with automatic loading and unloading of a part package.

The construction solutions of the running gear allow maneuvering with details in much smaller spaces with greater precision than in the case of traditional systems based on forklifts using the sets of sensors and scanners helping us provide a much higher level of security.