Having qualified and experienced team and necessary tools, We offer:

  • Training for dedicated machines and equipment,

  •  That suits the design of your systems,

  • To help you come in line for audits and modernisation safely,

  • We comprehensively support our clients both in the training and warranties of our machines

Safety Audits & Modernization 

We offer the following:

  • technical audit and machine safety audit,

  • risk assessment in accordance with the standards,

  • assessing the possibilities and potential for improving safety,

  • rebuilding the machine in accordance with the developed documentation,

  • validating the machine for compliances,

Design Services & Programming

We offer the following:

  • mechanical systems and designs projects in CAD 3D software

  • electrical projects and automation systems in dedicated design software

  • pneumatic systems projects

  • programming services and reprogramming of industrial robots

  • programming PLC controllers and HMI panels from various companies

  • reconstruction of machine systems and adaptation to new application requirements

Diagnosis and Repair

Of common symptoms Of A Robot Needing Attention:

  • Abnormal noise

  • Abnormal vibration

  • Low oil in oil glass sights

  • Oil seepage

  • Grease seepage

  • Jerky motion

  • Play in any axis

  • Reduced accuracy