To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

The advantages the system brings in all industries are:

  • Improvement of product quality, by improvement in your production line’s consistency and reduce the number of defective products.

  •  Elimination of human ergonomic constraints on the production line, robots can increase the output.

  • Time savings, and saving idle a human employee time

  • Prevention of human health and safety issues.

  • Standardize tasks and parts.

  • Waste reduction practices by eliminating some non-value-added tasks (such as part preparation, cleaning, etc. by manual operators).

  • Automatic error-proofing. The robot gripper recognizes when it’s presented with the wrong part

  • The robot can go into a specific visible position or cause a light to flash, letting human operators know they need to take action.


The basic manufacturing process is transforming physical materials and selling physical products. But with time, the jobs in a factory will look more like IT jobs than welding jobs.

Machines now are all controlled by computers, not only by mechanical or electrical means like in the past, and they’re getting more and more connected.