Common Applications Used

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Integrating automatic feeding & handling as well as orientation systems for even the most fragile of parts allows for high speed and high volume reliability, minimal changeover and almost eliminates production downtime giving production a competitive edge.


Feeding & Handling


Eneron integrates a wide range of both linear and conveyor feed systems, hopper and elevator systems and bowl and centrifugal feeders. High volume production can be automated efficiently with high speed automated part handling in a diverse range of industries, including; automotivepharmamedicalelectronicspackagingfood and beverageplastics, and cosmetics. Giving them a competitive advantage with automation, providing them with the most robust and reliable equipment on the market.


Key Features/Benefits:

  • High speed

  • High volume

  • Complex and fragile parts

  • Integrate into new or existing production

  • Minimal changeover

  • Avoidance of future bottlenecks

  • Leading edge technology

  • Optimum handling

  • Manufacturing to meet highest demands of pharma and food industries

  • Robust and reliable

Machine Loading Automation

Machine Loading – There are different ways of achieving competitive, profitable production, but the basic requirements are the same regardless of the strategy you choose: quality, orderly and systematic production planning, and spindles rotating for as many hours as possible.

Extremely fast machines used for simpler production make it possible to turn a profit even on cheap products. Cost effective collaborative robots are an ideal way of achieving a reliable and flexible solution to your machine loading. With potentially no guarding required, these units can be “wheeled” into place and transferred between machines when required for ultimate flexibility.

Eneron can also offer larger dedicated systems for machine loading – these machines are slightly more expensive but they have high availability and reliable repeatability. Another profitable solution is to automate multitasking machines or lathes with robots and have one person run multiple machines. The operator can prepare tools and materials for the next run while still having enough time to perform other tasks, such as quality control. To discuss more options available for machine loading then get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Food & Drink Automation

Food & Drink Automation – Consumers continually seek new and different tastes and nutritional value,  meaning you must get new, high-quality products through your facility quickly to keep prices low and food safer. We design and build food and beverage manufacturing automation systems to help food and beverage manufacturers develop a more agile response to changing consumer tastes by leveraging smart manufacturing to revolutionize the way food and beverage manufacturers operate. We provide access to relevant, real-time information. Information-enabled manufacturing allows you to combat your biggest challenges:

  • Improve yield

  • Drive productivity

  • Mitigate security risks

  • Optimise resource management

  • Enhance asset utilisation

A combination of clamping the trays , vision systems locating the position of the rounds on the tray and relay the positions to a suitably tooled with a 6-axis fully articulated robot,and a conveyor where the product passes under another process before reaching the the operator removing the processed tray and returning it to a rack is used commonly in the food industry.


Our systems have also included automated solutions for companies in the dairy, whiskey and fish processing industry providing unique solutions including automatic inspection systems, palletising machines, filling and capping machines to name but a few. To learn more about our food and drink automation get in touch today.

Key features and equipment

  • Auto feeding of trays

  • Clamp and location of trays

  • Vision detection of rounds (position)

  • Robot positions above rounds

  • Robot lowers and “cuts” through product

  • Robot lifts, clamps released

  • Tray conveyed under sugar shaker and to packaging

  • improved output