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In addition to the many other tools we offer, We have also created a series of automated smart benchtop dispensing robots to be used in a variety of applications for fluid dispensing. These dispensing robot system offer superior control over the placement of fluids, including arcs, beads, circles and repeated timed dots.

Programming an automated smart dispensing robot is easy. The user-friendly smart PC-based software makes the robot easy to program and simple to operate. Teach pendant version also available.

Engineers creating designs from scratch and general assembly manufacturers wishing for a way to automate their current dispensing applications may find these robots particularly useful. In addition to our three different robots, we also carry robot accessories for your safety and convenience.


As per the requirement we can provide a range of dispensing heads that can be mounted to automated robots to ensure accurate delivery of high viscosity fluids within a production setup. Our competitive advantage is that our systems are Plug & Play – once plugged in they do not require time or technical expertise to install.

We ensure precise and reliable fluid dispensing exactly as specified (high tolerance control of volume, pressure, flow and fluid placement).


Additionally, our experienced team will ensure smooth initial setup and reliable technical support worldwide.