We evaluate the current processes and distinguish human versus digital rules.  Identify where you require a person to do some effort and where can you use robotics to mimic that person's activities and further identify processes that lend themselves to automation.


From standalone assembly fixtures to collaborative robots and high speed automated machines. Each bespoke solution is tailored to our client’s requirement through rigorous design and risk reduction reviews. Our involvement with an extremely diverse range of industries has allowed us to adapt to challenges and develop our skills over time, further enhancing the value we provide to our clients.

Working for continuous improvement, innovation and constant consolidation of products and services to provide our clients with competitive advantages by applying various emerging technologies and to enable their digital future, helping them drive hyper efficiencies across their technology infrastructure, applications and core operations, enabling them to achieve cost leadership in their businesses.We help businesses adopt a hybrid mode of operation (i.e., pairing automation and human effort), which is achieved through a combination of virtual agents, predictive systems, cognitive process automation, visual computing applications, knowledge virtualization and AI reasoning.


Manufacturing, Logistics, Automobile, Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery, Food industrial robots/ Inspection and Maintenance Robots, Robot-related technological elements/ Related equipment/ Simulation/ Software


Personal/Domestic Robots, Medical care and Educational robots/ Robot-related technological elements/ Related equipment/ Software

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