General Industrial

Common Applications Used

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Our systems vary from fully automated assembly line machines to manual assembly with poke yoke devices, feeding and handling, testing workstations, robotics and control systems. These ensure quality and can be tailored to your specific needs and requirements, providing the best method for reducing labour costs and increasing productivity with the use of automated machinery.

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Special Purpose Machinery

Key Features/Benefits:

  • Assembly & Testing

  • Robotic Handling

  • Pick & Place

  • Vision Inspection & Quality Control

  • Welding & Cutting

  • Automated Part Handling & Orientating

Automated Assembly


Our team has years of experience in the design and manufacture of a wide range of assembly systems as well as a range of assembly and testing in a wide range of industries. We have helped Automating production processes from single assembled parts to a more fully automated assembly line to automate in industries such as food and drink and packaging right through to medical device and pharmaceutical.

Automatic assembly machines can help not only keep up to date with the demand of modern-day production but also keep businesses from having to go overseas. From simple, standalone poka yoke mechanical devices to fully automated assembly line, we have the knowledge and experience to provide cutting edge automation solutions to improve OEE, efficiency and productivity.

Bespoke assembly machines; Flexible automatic machines, Automation systems, Semi or fully automated, production line, Semi or fully automated assembly line, Sorting assembly turnkey solutions and system integration and development.


Key Features/Benefits:

  • Assembly & Testing

  • Robotic Handling

  • Pick & Place

  • Automated Part Handling & Orientating

Integrating automatic feeding & handling as well as orientation systems for even the most fragile of parts allows for high speed and high volume reliability, minimal changeover and almost eliminates production downtime giving production a competitive edge.

Feeding & Handling


SP Automation & Robotics integrates a wide range of both linear and conveyor feed systems, hopper and elevator systems and bowl and centrifugal feeders. High volume production can be automated efficiently with high speed automated part handling. Over the years we have built up a reputation in the automation and parts handling industry due to our wealth of experience working with such a diverse range of industries, including; automotivepharmamedicalelectronicspackagingfood and beverageplastics, munitions and cosmetics. Giving them a competitive advantage with automation, providing them with the most robust and reliable equipment on the market.


Key Features/Benefits:

  • High speed

  • High volume

  • Complex and fragile parts

  • Integrate into new or existing production

  • Minimal changeover

  • Avoidance of future bottlenecks

  • Leading edge technology

  • Optimum handling

  • Manufacturing to meet highest demands of pharma and food industries

  • Robust and reliable

The assembly system is designed around a race track type conveyor and feeds tooled pallets around the system to one of 10 modules. As the pallet progresses, the device on the pallet is populated with the individual components. At each stage the product assembly is inspected, with no added values to the device if it fails any functional or assembly checks. Plastic device automation works well to obtain competitive advantages in this common problem.

Parts are fed using a combination of bowl feeding and tray feeds system. Auto screw feed systems are also employed to secure part of the assembly, PCB’s were loaded using a high speed industrial robot, which was also used to present the PCB for inspection and parts type verification using an SP Automation & Robotics automatic inspection systems.

Rejected parts were off loaded into a segregated collection area, with final “good parts” being off loaded and fed to a series of final inspection stations before packaging.

Plastic device automation has seen our clients expand their workforce by 40%, as they are now better places to meet the demand of modern production.

Aerospace & Fastener Projects