We at Eneron harness the power of emerging technologies to help our clients adapt and technology to automate their cleaning processes to maintain and improve their investments. We are continuously achieving effective solutions with the help of the best in the market equipment 


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The history of cleaning shows that the mop and bucket were arguably the first tools used to clean, but as the industry progresses and advances, so do the tools. The mop and bucket are no exception. In fact, in just the last couple decades, the industry has witnessed substantial advancements to this area of cleaning. As cleaning for health gains momentum and cleaners do even more to keep bacteria and grime out of their facility, products that promote healthy cleaning become top-of-mind. To aid in ergonomics and reduce workers compensation claims from heavy lifting, different industries have updated buckets in recent years to the use of machines. This allows cleaners to create cleaning efficiencies and reducing cleaning times which is a goal for every in-house manager. Time is money, after all, and advancements to cleaning systems have resulted in dollars saved for departments.



We are in an exciting time in history where transformative technologies are emerging at an unprecedented rate and technology is becoming the core for all products and services across industries. .


Our design-led customer- centric approach organizations to completely re-imagine their housekeeping model.


By automating cleaning processes we are evolving faster with technological upgradation for our customers, which helps them win through better innovation.